How Much Does an ATM Machine Cost?

The advancement of the technology is quite progressive that enables the purchase of goods with electronic means or even using digital currency through mobile applications. But even now, physical cash is still important and commonly used in transactions. An ATM brings a lot of conveniences especially if the shops in the area only accept cash.

If you are interested in placing an ATM at your place, it is important to assess the necessity and adequacy of the machine in your business establishment. Just remember that the ATM machine quotes usually does not only cover the unit cost. There are other fees to put into consideration such as the cost of utilities, supplies, and processing. Therefore, make sure to assess that the machine will not be a liability for long-term and you can profit from it.

ATM Average Cost

There are many options to acquire a machine like by buying brand new or refurbished units. There are also programs like leasing, partnership or free placement which depend on the distributor. A brand new ATM machine is around $1,390 to $6,870 depending on the features. Meanwhile, refurbished or pre-owned machines are around $1,000 to $5,000.

TypeBrand NewPre-owned
Free Standing$1,390 to $3,180$1,000 to $2,600
Counter Top$2,355 to $2,545$1,000 to $2,000
Built-in$2,545 to $6,870$2,000 to $5,000

Freestanding units have a 2×2′ footprint and common in small to medium businesses. Countertop and built-in units are installed within the walls and require minimum renovation to fit the machines. In regards to leasing, there are ATM distributors that offer contracts for lease to own. The ATM machine for lease is usually around $70 to $91 per month with a $1 buy-out.


ATM and Guarantee – A brand new or refurbished unit should have a guarantee to assure that the delivered unit is working fine and without any defects.

Delivery and installation – ATM distributor offers free delivery and installation of the machine on site.

Service before and after the sales – Customer service is a very crucial component in the acquisition of an ATM. The distributors should always support the owners even after the sales have concluded. The customer services include phone hotline, emergency repairs and support from trained technicians.

Warranty -The manufacturer’s warranty is around 1 to 3 years for the parts of the ATM. Some of the manufacturers offer extension up to 5 years with coverage of parts with repair and maintenance services.

Other Things to Consider


Countertop and built-in machines require minimal renovation to place the units properly. There is also a necessity of installing utility lines and ports such as electricity, telephone or the internet. The machines need a telephone or internet connection to transact and electricity to operate. Also, signage is crucial to increase the visibility of the ATM within your establishment. All of these components will yield additional cost if not covered by the contract.

Maintenance and spare parts

As for any machines, maintenance is very important to prolong lifespan and to optimize operating conditions at all time. The machines experience strain and wear especially during a long duration of the operation. Therefore, machines are expected to break down over time and require regular maintenance to avoid downtimes.

Spare parts for newer and popular machines are available and dominant. But older machines might have problems with the supply of the spare part. Therefore, if the manufacturer decided to stop the production of spare parts for older machines, it will be difficult for owners to acquire the necessary parts.

ATM Machine

Recurring Fees

There are many components which are recurring and not included in the price of an ATM machine. The units require certain utilities to operate such as electricity and telephone or internet connection. Therefore, the operating cost will be the monthly fees for the said utilities. There is an option for wireless but has an additional cost of $17 to $20 monthly.

Supply such as paper rolls is necessary to replenish for receipt purposes or printing of tickets. Most of the people using the ATM want to receive a receipt for their transaction. The price of the paper is around $5 to $9 per roll or around $65 per box.


ATM is a machine that dispenses and stores money which increases its volatility. Therefore, insurance is a necessary expense for extra protection and to minimize risk. The cost of vault insurance is usually around $20 to $50 per month.

Buying Tips

A business owner should only consider an ATM if there are a huge number of customers or pedestrians in the establishment. There should be at least hundreds of daily passing near the location. Remember, the higher the density of people near the ATM location, the higher its potential to profit.

If you’d rather rent an ATM machine than buying one, there are multiple options. Some companies offer lease plans such as $55 to 95 per month whereas other companies would offer a partnership program through which you can earn 50% of the profit. Installation charges would be separate. 

ATM Processing

The only way an ATM can profit is through transaction or surcharge fee charged to the customer in exchange for convenience. Therefore, the number of foot traffic is crucial in making an adequate profit. The surcharge cost can be set by the owner between $1 up to $5 per transaction. But avoid overcharging since it will discourage people from using the machine and significantly reduce your profit. People will only use your machine during an extreme emergency if the surcharge is too high.

The recommended way to set-up your surcharge is by surveying your competitions within the area. The amount of surcharge used by most of the owners is around $2 to $3 per transaction. Also, make sure to put into the consideration any reduction for the service provided by the distributors. There is a processing fee for cash management which is around $0.3 to $0.75 per transaction.

Acquisition through cash or lease

Before buying an ATM, make sure to consider in your budget all the additional and recurring fees. The machine needs cash which is the owner’s responsibility to supply inside the unit. The minimum cash to be stored is around $500 to $1,000. The owner should monitor the cash withdrawal and replenish the unit from time to time. The machines are available on the list of distributors below. 

ATM Network$1,650The unit is a free standing. Free delivery and installation but requires enrolling in at least two or three of the programs such as warranty, wireless or all point surcharge-free network.
ATM World$1,650 to $3,180Free standing
$2,545 to $4,100Built-in
ATM Gurus$1,000 to $2,600The unit is a freestanding refurbished or pre-owned. Most of their products are available for free shipment.
$5,000Refurbished or pre-owned built-in units.
ATM USA$2,045 to $2,550Free standing
$2,355 to $2,425Countertop
$3,365 to $6,870Built in
ATM Money MachineStarts at $1,390Lease to own at $77 to $91 per month.

Note: The prices are extracted on November 2017 and might vary over time.

Free ATM placement

Most of the distributors offer a free ATM to certain clients. The distributor will shoulder all the cost and work from installation up to the operation. It is a good option for those who want to minimize risk and to learn more about the ATM industry. The owners’ responsibilities are to provide the space and to supply electricity to the machines.

In exchange, the owners can profit from the surcharge revenue of the installed machines. But before the distributor can offer you the program, there should be more than 500 pedestrians daily within your establishment


The distributors can offer a partnership to entice clients in investing in their product. The distributor and client will share the cost of the installation and operation of the ATM. But the same conditions will also apply to the surcharge revenue. The partition for both the expenses and revenue is usually at a 50/50 ratio.

ATM Machine Cost Factors

The cost of the machine is only affected by the features or technology capabilities it possesses. The machines that have better functionality are more expensive. Therefore, it is important to compare the capabilities of the machines and to assess if necessary in your business. The features that increase the costs are Wi-Fi, EMV reader, colored LCD, and online bill payments.

What Else You Need to Know

For those who are interested in investing in an ATM, make sure to compute the potential profit the machine can earn in your place. As a rule of thumb, the potential revenue is computed as 3% to 6% multiply by the number of daily traffic and the surcharge fee. For example, in a location with 200 pedestrians daily and a surcharge of $2, the possible range of revenue without considering the reduction is around $12 to $24 daily or $336 to $672 per month.

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