How Much Does A Supercuts Haircut Cost?

Do you feel nervous when getting a haircut at a new parlor or by an unfamiliar barber? Discovering the perfect haircutter who’ll provide you with a great haircut is one of the best things in the world.

Haircare is an extremely difficult industry. A hair salon must be up to date with current trends, style, and fashion. They should also have a skilled and talented staff who can convey their hair expertise with a charm that helps guarantee customer satisfaction.

So, if you need a quality hair care in a hurry, Supercuts is one of the best picks. They provide a wide range of hair services yet are affordable to its patrons. You don’t even need an appointment to utilize their excellent services.

Just walk in, and they will attend to your needs. But how much does Supercuts haircut cost? What other services do they have available?

Average Cost of Supercuts Haircuts

When you go to any Supercuts salon, your visit starts with a consultation chat about your requirements and outcomes. They will recommend the ideal haircut that suits your face’s shape, likings, and lifestyle.

Supercuts end the cut with a Hot Towel Refresher to remove stray hairs from your neck and face, so you will leave feeling refreshed and looking great. Their haircuts also include an array of different add-ons.

The Haircuts Prices at Supercuts:

Supercut I$14$16
Supercut II$18$21
Supercut III$24$34
Supercut Junior$12$15
  • Supercut I:

The most basic haircut of the salon is the Supercut I. It will cost around $14 to $16, depending on the location. It consists of the cut plus a Hot Towel Refresher.

  • Supercut II:

The Supercut II is a favorite service, that includes the cut and shampoo service. It also includes a Hot Towel Refresher, their signature. It will cost you around $18 to $21.

  • Supercut III:

If you require extra attention, the Supercut III is the best for you. You get you a nice haircut, shampoo service, a Hot Towel Refresher, and the basic blow dry service. You can get this for around $24 to $34, depending on your hair length. The longer hair, the more expensive the haircut.

  • Supercut Junior:

This Supercut Junior is for all kids under 12 years old. This option includes the child’s haircut done by a professional and the Hot Towel Refresher. This option will cost around $12 to $15.

  • Supercut Seniors:

For senior citizens over 62 years old, this haircut option is for you. It includes the senior’s haircut and the Hot Towel Refresher. It will only cost around $12 to $15.

Supercuts services are extremely reasonable, and yet the outcome can compare to a hundred dollar haircut from an elegant salon. They don’t just provide haircuts; they also provide additional hair care services for an affordable price tag. It is reasonably priced, even when added on top of cut’s costs.

The Supercuts Prices for Additional Services:

Blow Dry$9$22
Conditioning Treatment$10$15
Beard/Bang Trim$7$9
Tea Tree Experience$8$40
  • Shampoo:

If you have a bit more time, you should consider their shampoo services. This is ideal for those who want to have clean hair before their haircut. They use the recommended professional shampoo products that suit your hair and will cost $5 to $7.

  • Conditioning Treatment:

They also use deep conditioning treatments, such as Wapuhi Wild Ginger, which may cost around $10 to $15. The conditioner is essential, as it helps replenish the natural oils and moisture of your hair.

  • Blow-dry:

Blow-dry is applied to help complete your look if you want a straight and shiny style, or bouncy curls. It will cost you between $9 and $22, depending on the length of your hair.

  • Styling:

They offer to style for special events and occasions. After the cut, Supercuts will work their best to style it to your desired look, from a simple, textured style to volumized bouffant bounce. This is the ideal time to ask for tips regarding hair styling that you can do by yourself.  The price for styling services may differ on your requirements; however, the Supercuts prices for this service generally range from $9 to $21.

  • Beard Trim:

When it’s comes time for your regular haircut at Supercuts, adding up a beard trim is a great idea. Just remember, this service is not available in every Supercuts salon, but if it is offered in your area, this charge will be around $7 to $9.

  • Tea Tree Experience:

The Tea Tree experience combines a refreshing shampoo and conditioning service with a soft scalp massage. Additionally they will give a warm steamed towel for their face. This service will run from $8 to $40.

barber working on hair cut

Furthermore, if you want a dramatic change in your hair, they’ll offer you their Supercolor service. It will start with a consultation with a hair stylist expert. They will evaluate your hair condition, skin tone, and help figure out the desired outcome. Below are the techniques and options of Supercolor, along with the prices.

Gray Blending$10$12

If you are looking for a fresh, young look, highlights are the best choice. If you want to hide your gray hairs, gray blending is for you. If you want to achieve a richer color for your hair, choose to glaze. And if you only want coloring for the tips of your hair, then tip color is the option.


You don’t need to spend $500 to have an awesome haircut; even a hundreds more than enough.  Moreover, remember that the best hair care providers do not rush, or watch the clock. They don’t walk out on you in the middle of a haircut just to answer a call.

They don’t avoid consultations or let their patrons leave with wet or unfinished hair. You need to find somebody who is eager to spend their time cutting your hair, like at Supercuts.

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