How Much Does Storage Unit Rental Cost?

A secured storage is an important space to protect investment such as appliances, furniture, and other equipment. Storage rooms are good assurance that protects the items against environmental factors, damages, and even theft. The cost of the storage unit is inexpensive in comparison to the security and convenience it provides.

The reasons to rent a storage unit:

  • Additional Space
  • Moving to another place
  • Renovation
  • Temporary Storage
  • In case of emergency

As the technology advances, the storage facilities are also improving through climate-controlled units and surveillance securities. If you require additional or temporary storage because of renovation, you can just look for a storage facility to store your properties without worrying about security.

Storage Rental Average Cost

The cost of storage unit varies by a wide range depending on many factors and features of the facility.

Based on Storage Talk, the cost of a storage unit with 10×10′ space is around $1.31 to $2.66 per square foot. 

Self Storage Units

The common self-storage is available at a facility equipped with climate control and security cameras.

The storage building rental prices are ranging from $25 to $360 per month depending on the size of the unit and features of the establishment.

Portable Shed

A portable shed is also an immediate solution for additional storage. The products are manufactured and delivered to your place. The storage shed rental rates depend on the duration and contract. But the price of the shed is around $399 to $12,420 which can be rent to own and payable per month for years.


The features included in the rent of the storage unit vary from one service provider to another. But the items listed below are some of the common features that you can expect when renting a storage unit.

  • Climate Control – It is important especially for items prone to damages caused by environmental factors such as temperature and moisture. Rooms with climate control are more expensive but can protect items from deteriorating.
  • Utility – Some of the service providers include electricity and Wi-Fi connectivity but for an extra cost. There is also a supply shop within the premises that sells various items such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape gun, padlocks, and many more.
  • 24/7 access – Storage facility grant access to the unit regardless of time but for an extra cost. It is a perfect feature for working class since there is no need to adjust personal schedules to visit the unit.
  • Security – One of the essential features since it is the factor that protects the stored property from external threats. Most of the facilities have surveillance cameras and entrances with security code installed within the premises for extra protection.

Other Costs to Consider

Some of the service providers charged an admission fee for documentation purposes and setting up accounts. The cost of the admission can range from $15 to $25 depending on the conditions. There are also shops that want a down payment for security deposits.

The service provider’s insurance does not cover the stored properties of the customers. Even though, homeowner’s insurance has coverage for stored properties but has limitation. Some of the service providers offer tenant policy for an extra cost. If there is no insurance offered, it is highly recommended to apply at independent insurance provider for protection.

For shed storages, the delivery and labor are shouldered by the customer. The cost of the delivery depends on the size of the unit and the location of the customer. Also, the installation of the unit is not covered by the rates. But the installation requires minimal labor and can be performed DIY with adequate tools.

Storage Unit

Buying Tips

The two major factors to consider are the location of the facilities and the size of the unit. You can use platforms like Spare Foot to search for nearby self-storage in your area. Also, make sure to prepare your items properly before going to the facility.

Wood furniture must be clean and free of dust to prevent molds. Books and other valuable items should be bubble wrapped and put inside a box for extra protection.

Also, visit the website of the storage facility since digital coupons are available for discounts. Customers that book and reserve online can utilize lower rates and avoid the hassle of inquiring on-site. Here is a list of service providers with various facilities located throughout the country.

NameArea in Square FeetPriceDetails
Storage King USA10 to 150$35 to $202Climate controlled units with individual alarm are available. The price includes the insurance and security. There is a supply shop in the facility. 24/7 access to the unit is only applicable to some service area.
USA Storage20 to 150$55 to $155Available features are climate controlled interior or exterior units, no deposit required, vehicle access, video surveillance and electronic access to the facility. There is also a moving supply shop within the premises. The booking, payment, and reservation are available online.
A Storage USA35 to 800$37 to $358.97The available units are interior, exterior, and drive-up access. The facility also has security surveillance.
USA Storage Centers10 to 250$35 to $250Non-climate or climate-controlled units are available. There are additional features offered such as supply shop, free Wi-Fi, loading docks, online bill payment, and video surveillance.
USA Self Storage25 to 120$52 to $110Climate-controlled units are available.

Note: The storage building rental prices are extracted on November 2017 and might vary over time.

Meanwhile, for a portable shed storage, you can buy a custom built at EZ Portable Building (EZPB) for $2,415 to $12,420. Dura Shed also sells custom built shed with prices ranging from $399 to $3,400.

There is a financing option in which the customer can rent to own the sheds with a monthly payment for years. The storage shed rental rates will depend on the size of the unit and duration of the contract.

Storage Rental Cost Factors

  • Size of the Unit

The cost of the unit is directly proportional to the size of the unit. Therefore, units with a larger area are more expensive. As a cost comparison, Ed’s USA Auto Rentals offers storage spaces with various sizes. The Ed’s USA Auto Rentals requires a security deposit equivalent to the monthly fee.

SizeMonthly Price
4 x 8$24.90
5 x 10$38.40
8 x 8$44.35
8 x 10$48.76
8 x 20$85.10
10 x 10$61.23
20 x 23$173.25
  • Features

As mentioned before, features can directly affect the cost of the rent. Some of the features are optional and depend on the choice of the customer. Electricity and internet connections are optional but if you want to have them, expect to pay extra than usual.

  • Location of the unit

The strategic location of the unit increases the cost of rent in comparison to other units. For example, units that have direct vehicle access are more expensive due to the accessibility. Meanwhile, units on the ground floor of the building are expensive in comparison to units available at the upper floors. It all depends on the access and ease of transporting the goods around the premises.

  • Location of the facility

As for every rental facility, the location of the facility has a direct impact on the rental rates. The areas with high-density population and higher cost of living can yield expensive monthly rates. The operating cost of the service provider is significantly higher in major cities.

The demand is also dependent on the location of the facilities. Hence, areas with less population have problems with securing stable customers and offer discounted rates to entice more customers.

  • Duration

The duration of the rental period can slightly affect the monthly cost. Customers that tend to rent the unit for long-term can bargain for cheaper rates with the service provider. Meanwhile, it is harder to bargain with short-term rents because the owners want to maximize profit.

What Else You Need to Know

It is important to know how to properly secure your properties before placing them in the storage room. You can use boxes and bubble wrap to protect fragile appliances or furniture from physical damages.

Also, there are certain items cannot be stored in the facility. Items that can die like plants or pets are strictly prohibited because both items require nutrients and care. Any flammable chemicals are also not applicable since it can harm the other properties within the premises.

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