How Much Does Snap On Smile Cost?

For lots of individuals, Snap-On Smile can be a life-changing option that gives back your confidence. It is an innovative technology that has an uncomplicated approach to acquire a beautiful smile in a short and painless process.

This device employs as an impermanent beautifying solution and a long-lasting smile enhancement, crafted from sturdy resin. It was designed by a dentist who realized that not every person can come up with the thousands of dollars for a Hollywood style smile make-over.

This mechanism fits perfectly over your teeth to provide you a striking, natural-looking-smile, even if you have stained, damaged, gapped or missing teeth. Thousands of individuals internationally have already obtained the exceptional advantages of this device.

But, is it a good choice? Who should try it? And how much does the Snap-On-smile cost? Let us answer those questions.

Average Cost of Snap-on Smile

The average Snap-On-Smile price will differ based on the size, form, style of your teeth and from dentist to dentist (even if they are in the same region).

However, in general, the device will price from around $1,200 for each upper or lower arch and around $3,500 for both arches.

Moreover, there is another version offered, called Snap-it, that consists of less than five teeth. Snap-it costs around $650, and it is highly recommended for individuals who have a missing tooth or two in the spot that only requires momentary coverage.

Some dentists advertise as little as $550 to $1,000 each arch.  On the other hand, according to Realself, the expense would be around $750 to $3,100, with an average Snap-on-smile price that is likely $1,675.

If you can still not pay upfront for this method, financing is available if your insurance covers it.

  • Additional Expenses:

The arch device should be cleaned on a day-to-day basis, with a specific cleaner and bacterial gel for this item only. They are available from a dentist, and dental store, with no published retail price.

However, Healthy Dental Products sell a 6-ounce bottle of Snap-On-Smile cleaning solution for $25, while a 2-ounce package of antibacterial gel sells for $25. They also sell a storage case that cost $14.

What Issues Does It Correct?

The tool doesn’t repair any dental problems or restore your smile in any lasting way.  It is a temporary beautifying device that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your teeth.

The dental issues that this tool can cover include::

  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Jam-packed teeth
  • Severely stained teeth
  • Worn down teeth, from grinding, for instance
  • Missing teeth, if you are not looking for implants
  • Loss of facial height, because of missing or worn teeth
  • Teeth that are not candidates for implants or bridges
  • A ” gluey ” smile
  • Anybody who wants a Hollywood smile without the uneasiness and expense of intricate and dangerous dental processes
  • Anybody who has an outdated removable partial denture and desires a good-looking, more relaxed substitute
  • Even though mainly a cosmetic enhancement, has several medical applications, including the “periodontal splinting” of loose teeth.
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Step on Getting a Snap-On-Smile Cost

It’s simple, it’s trouble-free, and you get it right away.

  1. In your initial meeting, your dentist will determine if the device is possible for you. If it is, they will make a model of your current teeth. You will then choose the form and hue of your new teeth. You will return in about three to four weeks for the final sizing.
  2. In a couple of weeks, your brand-new smile will be all set, and you will go for your second short dentist session. You will pop it in after a handful of minor alterations the dental specialist makes and you can then wear your new smile at home.

How Do You Handle Your Snap-On-Smile?

Like its name suggests, to wear this mechanism, you simply “snap it on” to your flawed teeth. Using both hands,  delicately press it in, beginning at the back, until it fits in properly.

When removing, use both hands again, begin at the back, and tenderly shake the mechanism from side to side and off your teeth. To avoid damaging the device, never forcibly draw or rotate it and always employ both your both hands.

Immerse it in the cleaning solution for 15 minutes to clean your Snap-on Smile. To remove debris, use a soft brush. You need to also put a drop of an antibiotic solution in every pocket of tooth each time you place it in.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

While this tool might be a blessing for those with stained or worn teeth, they are with disadvantages.

  • It’s not uncommon for decay-stimulating bacteria to develop in the device, as they fit over your natural teeth. It’s essential to clean and brush your real teeth after every mealtime.
  • There will be wear and tear in the long haul and may need to be replaced, depending on the amount of use they see. 
  • Lastly, this tool does not impact the position of your current teeth. Thus, those with buck-toothed smiles will notice the device will emphasize the issue. However, for almost everyone, the Snap-On Smiles can promptly give brighter and whiter smiles.
  • This device has a one year warranty but it does not include issues like damage because of incorrect insertion, dental hygiene, etc.


The Snap-On Smile is perfect for those who would like to have a celeb perfect smile on a budget. It is an extremely reasonable and life-changing key for individuals of all ages. 

Getting this device only requires two painless procedures with no shots, drilling, or modifications of existing tooth structure. It also comes with one year warranty for defects.

Go to your clinic and get a snap-on Smile. You will be more self-assured in sharing your smile with everyone.

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