How Much Does Shocks and Struts Replacement Cost

Most car owners are surprised to discover just how swiftly some parts of vehicle wear out. They purchase a brand-new vehicle, then suddenly their mechanic informs them they require a new part before the warranty has even expired.

Perhaps you have also experienced the same thing. Your auto mechanic has told you that your car’s shocks and the struts are blown and need to be replaced. You may find yourself wondering if it is that crucial to get them replaced.

This leads to the question, how much to replace shocks and struts? The price sometimes may be a lot more than you anticipated; however, it is an excellent idea to try to understand the importance to have them replaced and to have knowledge regarding shocks and struts in general.

Average Cost of Shocks and Struts Replacement

  • For Shocks & Struts:

The average shock and strut replacement cost could range between $35 and $440 or more for each one, depending on the model of the car and its quality. You could pay an average of $1,650 and change for the whole set of four shocks and struts.

  • For DIY:

If you decide to replace them by yourself, you could spend $165 to $330. These averages show you that the labor costs for replacing the shocks and struts take a significant portion of the prices.

  • For Parts of Labor:

An expert mechanic may take two to six hours in replacing the damaged parts. It may cost you an average of $55 to $165 per hour. Overall, the replacement of the four set of shocks and struts by an expert would cost you no less than $220 and $1,650 at the most, depending on your car model and brand.

However, if you buy the needed part, then take it to the local auto mechanic, you could pay about $495 to $1100 in replacing the four shocks and struts.

  • For the Luxury car:

If you have a luxury car, you might spend around $2,400 to $5,500. The price may also increase if the vehicle has a dark rust and is hard to access; it will take time for the mechanic to remove the damaged parts.

  • For separate parts:

If you decided to replace only the four shocks, which atypical, you can get it done with an amount of around $330 to $990 or an average of $660. For the replacement of just four struts, you should pay around $825 to $1,320, or an average of $1,070.

Below is the price comparison of how much to replace shocks and struts from several famous brands.

Your MechanicParts & Labor$164 – $13781 year
MidasParts & Labor$135 – $9451 year
Mr. TireParts & Labor$143 – $8991 year
Pep BoysParts & Labor$140 – $11656 Months
Walmartparts$42 – $230limited
Amazonparts$35 – $299limited
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Why Do They Need to be Replaced?

Shocks and struts are integral parts of your car’s suspension system and are responsible for keeping an even and stable ride. If your vehicle’s shocks and struts have damages, it will have a dramatic impact on your car.

The excessive swaying and springing that commonly occurs when these parts go critical can rob your vehicle of no less than ten feet of stopping distance.

Also, if the shocks or struts start to have issues, they can root to other glitches with your car. The wear of your vehicle’s tires will be damaged at an increased rate, especially if these components are not in place and in good shape.

You can as well anticipate some issue to rise in steering linkage, CV joints, springs, and ball joints.  If you just disregard your shock and strut issue for long enough, it will set off other damage to your vehicle and will cost you more than the original charge for just the struts and shocks.

How are shocks and struts issues diagnosed?

You can diagnose worn shocks and struts by test drive and visual inspection. The following are some other indications:

  • Too much car bouncing
  • The car rocks and tilts when changing lanes or turning corners
  • The nose of the car drops down, particularly when come up to a stop
  • The car does not have enough bounce; it appears stiff
  • The car feels extremely wobbly at high speeds
  • The steering response is inadequate, or you can hear a noise when steering
  • The car’s tires are disproportionately worn, or they show strangely flat parts
  • Struts or Shocks show indication of fluid leakage
  • Mounts or bushings are rusted, broken, or otherwise damaged
  • Struts and shocks’ bodies are dented or damaged

Can You Do It All by Your Self?

Yes, you can replace shocks and struts by yourself. However, it can take some time, as well as the risk of holding up the car on a jack. However, if you know what you are doing and are meticulous, you can do it well enough on your own.

On the other hand, it is not guaranteed that you can save lots of money if you do the replacement by yourself. You must ensure that when you repair them you can also to avoid damaging other parts.

Also, every time you bring your vehicle to the mechanic, be certain that he is also checking at the shocks and struts. Catching it early can save you some money on repairs.


If your vehicle’s shocks and struts are busted, then you will probably observe a significant change after they are replaced.

Your trip will be far less bouncy, and every little flaw in the road would no longer feel like a surprise. {Feels like missing a connective sentence between the two, so this feels like a non sequitur

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