How Much Does A Muffler Cost?

It is not hard to tell when there is something wrong with your vehicle’s muffler. When you hear a noise coming from your cars, like the sound of a boat, an overworked racing car or a motorcycle warming up, that is absolutely a problem.

Have you had this happen to you? If so, there is probably a problem with your muffler, and you should replace it immediately. So, how much does a muffler cost?

Average Cost of Muffler Replacement

Muffler replacement expenses fluctuates extensively by make and model, car type, by the parts that require repair, and degree of the damage.

  • For Minor Repair:

The cost for minor repairs can range from $40 to $500 or more, with an average of $270. You can go to your local mechanic shops if you want to save some money.

  • For Replacing the Muffler:

On the other hand, you should pay more if you choose an expert to replace your car’s muffler. This can could range from $70 to $800. However, the price could still rely on the type of car. 

  • Additional Cost:

In some case, aside from muffler, you might need to replace other parts of the car, such as a catalytic converter and exhaust pipes. This means that the total cost of repairs will be significantly higher than just replacing the muffler. You will pay around $1,000 to $2,500 or more.

Below is a list of prices from the leading mechanic shops in the USA.

Your MechanicParts & Labor$136 – $13761 year
MidasParts & Labor$115 – $20001 year
Mr. TireParts & Labor$55 – $2311 year
Pep BoysParts & Labor$88 – $3156 Months
WalmartParts$18 – $105limited
AmazonParts$82 – $188limited

Signs That Your Muffler Needs Replacement

Using your vehicle even though its muffler is damaged will, in the end, cost more than fixing the issue immediately. It is essential to keep in mind that a properly functioning muffler does more that quiet your car. It keeps carbon monoxides fumes from seeping up into the car, helps the car performs at its peak, lessens polluting emission.


car exhauster image

Here are several signs that your vehicle might require a muffler replacement.

  • Loud Noise from Engine

One indication that your automobile needs a replacement muffler is when it abruptly sounds like motorcycle or lawn mower. Sometimes, it looks like a low rumbling or buzzing exhaust.

  • Clattering at stop lights

When driving your car, or attempt to start it, you may notice that sometimes it pauses. Also, at other times, your vehicle may rattle even when not in motion; these are indications of muffler problems. Immediately arrange an appointment with your mechanic if you have these signs.

  • Decline Fuel Efficacy

If you observe that you fill your gas tank more than the usual, bring your car to the mechanic for muffler check-up. Excessive use of your vehicle’s fuel is a sign that something is wrong.  When your muffler is busted, your engine will work harder. And when your engine is working harder, it will need more fuel.

  • Vibration on the Engine

When you are driving your car and you notice a vibration or shaking, set an appointment with your mechanic. You will feel it when you hold the steering wheel, sit in the car seat or put your feet on the pedals. Just like when there is a decrease in fuel efficiency when there is a broken muffler, your vehicle’s engine will work harder. Engine’s additional work usually results in intense vibration.

Finding A Trustworthy Mechanic Shop

Since you need to spend a pretty penny for your muffler replacement cost, you should take some time to search for the best mechanic and pick a high-quality muffler that will last long. Now, where to find this reliable auto shop with professional mechanics?

  • You can check in the indexes of NIASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) and IATN (International Automotive Technicians Network). They have the lists of qualified auto shops and certified mechanics. Also, check if a auto shop provides services for muffler replacement, since not all shops may do the task.
  • Do a little background check on every prospective auto shop. Read some reviews on the internet or ask some friends about the services of a specific shop and what’s the best. Or you could also check in with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are no any complaints filed against them. If you already have your primary candidates, compare their prices.
  • Before you proceed in handiing your car to an auto mechanic, ask them about their warranty policies. Also, discuss with your mechanic what is better to for you: aftermarket parts or those from a manufacturer.

Factors Influence the Cost

  • The cost is influenced by the type of the vehicle; if it is a van, truck or passenger car.
  • The degree of damage also plays a part in the price. Manageable fixes, like welding, lose mountings to return it in a proper place, are commonly less costly than a complete and extensive repair or replacement of the muffler.
  • Another key component is the kind of muffler installed. The cost, in general, is greater if the parts installed are from the manufacturer. Conversely, the cost is typically lower if the auto shop mounts an aftermarket muffler.


Don’t let your muffler startle your neighbors, or damage your car’s exhaust system and affect its performance. Contact your preferred mechanic and replace it with a new one. Delaying it will cause you more issues than attending the issue quickly.

Regular check-ups on your car are important. Remember, the biggest enemy to your exhaust system is rust. Read more about how to keep a muffler in excellent condition, and it will last a long time.

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