How Much Does Washer Dryer Installation Cost?

You have just purchased a brand new, most up-to-date washer dryer, had it delivered. Maybe you have decided to install it by yourself.

However, before you get to work on those plugs and pipes, consider calling an expert for washer dryer installation instead. D-I-Y installation is harder than you may think, and if you make any mistakes, it can have long-term negative effects on your unit’s functions.

Some appliances are hitter-friendly, but others not. If things go wrong, certain manufacturers provide an excellent service back-up, but others don’t and might only last for a few months.

Incorrect installation may as void the appliance warranty as well, which will cost you more money in the long run. Bringing in a professional installer is the fastest and most straightforward means to make sure that your unit functions at its peak. 

Average Cost of Washer Dryer Hook Up

Finding the average price for installing a washer dryer relies upon several factors, like where you buy the machine, where you plan to hook it up, and how you want it to be installed. The standard cost of a unit’s installation is around $822 to $1,700, though this pricing will fluctuate.

If you bought your machine from a home center for your new house, you don’t have to worry about the installation. Usually, they will include the installation charge in the machine’s cost. However, if you want a customized washer dryer hookup, you might require an expert with the further know-how to install your machine.

Price estimates including the installation of washer dryer:

Washer Dryer     $700$1,700
Job Supplies$18.47$21.01
  • Washer Dryer Cost: 

As stated by Kitchens, the price of a compact washer dryer which washes and dries in one tub is around $700, while for a big-size model with various wash cycles, electronic controls, stainless-steel tub, and noise-reduction features, the price will run around $1,700.

  • Labor Cost:

{Also, Kitchens added that} The average price for installing a washer dryer is around $103.85 to $168.58. The initial labor charge of hooking up the washer dryer is comprised of planning, worksite preparation, mobilization time, protection, finishes, clean up, and minimum hourly charges.

  • Job Supplies Cost:

This cost is comprised of materials and supplies needed in installing the washer dryer, like fittings and connectors. It also includes the service provider’s transportation from their office to your home.

However, before any commitments or decisions are made, it is greatly suggested that you should look professionals for accurate assessments of work needed. 

Before You Buy a Wash Dryer

  • Choose your wash dryer type

There are two kinds of wash-dryer, the vented unit and unvented{unless this is the official term} unit. The vented machine works like a regular front-loading washer dryer. This is the most common type for domestic use.

On the other hand, the unvented unit does not need an outside exhaust vent. These units are commonly found in condos and high-rise apartments.  However, either vented or unvented wash dryers provide a variety of features and program that are suited to your fabric care needs.

  • Size up your space

Calculate the area of the space you plan to hook up your new washer dryer, taking note of electrical, plumbing, and vent locations. Be precise with the calculations for your laundry area if the units are stacked in a closet or by built-in cabinetry.  These two installation scenarios have the littlest margins for error.

Remember that there aren’t standard dimensions for units. Thus, you must remember the exact measurements of your space when considering the technical specs for whatever model.

Search for potential issues, and make certain that the area can accommodate any accessories you’re considering as well, such as stacking kits and pedestals. Also, measure the doors to your house to ensure a new washer dryer can fit through them.

  • Keep the unit serviceable

Every laundry machine will break or malfunction eventually. And most service providers decline to do the repair if they can’t get the machine out and back into their without scratching floors, dividers, or cupboards.

  • What to know when getting an assistance

If the hook up is extraordinarily complicated, then consider purchasing your appliances from a local dealer. They will typically have someone who has experience in working with custom home remodelers.

washing and dry machine

They will usually be in contact with specialized appliance installation subcontractors, who have knowledge and experience from years of custom appliance installations. 

Where to Find a Washer Dryer Hookup Expert

It is reasonable that you will need a reliable and skilled pro who can do the job well since you are paying for the washer dryer hookup cost.

When you find some experts, it is advised that you request various quotes. This way you can compare the costs. Likewise, asking for a printed itinerary delineating specific points and the supplies that need to be utilized.

Ask your relatives and neighbors for recommendations. Moreover, you can inquire at a hardware store or ask the local plumber if they can endorse a good electrician, handyman, or plumber.

However, for major jobs, you must validate the credentials of your chosen profession, i.e., if they are licensed and insured. You can check qualifications from the database of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and National Electrical Contractors Association.


There are situations when an individual would prefer a D-I-Y installation. There is nothing wrong as you can save on the washer dryer hookup cost.  However, hooking up a washing machine dryer is not a two-minute job. You must be extremely cautious if you want to effectively lessen costs.

Always bear in mind the intricacies in doing what may seem to be straightforward work. It may be better to let a pro install the machine unless you are certain you can do as good a job.