How Much Does Tent Rental Cost?

Events such as birthdays, baptisms or weddings are the highlights of one’s life. These are few of the things most of us look forward to enjoying. Though planning events like these may seem fun and exciting, there are still plenty of things to consider. 

The hype these days are about outdoor or open-spaced events. These kinds of events are very difficult to complete since event planners would have to make sure that the weather is clear in their favor.

Luckily, wedding tent rentals are all the rage when it comes to outdoor events, be it wedding or birthdays.  The cost depends on several factors. First of all, the number of confirmed guests must be provided.

Tent Rental Average Cost

The rental prices may vary from size and design. The price will also depend on where the event will be held as well as the confirmed number of guests attending.

Not only do we have to take a look at the price of the framework and linen but there are also other items included in the purchases such as sidewalls, flooring, lighting, and etc.

If you are just about to tie the knot and your partner is getting stingy about spending a spectacular amount of money, you may want to consider the size of your event.

Many shops offer low prices for small-scale but good quality ones. These are for targeted venues such as backyards, pools or small parks. Small-sized tents for rent can cost at about $599-$899, while a frame tent which is measured 40×100 feet could cost you $4000-$6000. A luxurious wedding whose guest count could be up to 400 guests would need a tent measured 60×200 feet. This could put the total rate at about $5000-$8000.


A wide scope of shops offer two types of rentals. The first would be the tent-only rental and the second would be the complete party package.

  1. Tent-only Rental (can range from $600 to $10,000):
  • Poles (Pole tents) – poles will be provided for the structure of the pole tent. This will be paired with linings, ceiling decor and ropes to keep the tent staked to the ground.
  • Frames (Frame tents) – the frames will serve as the foundation. You may choose between the traditional frames or the high peak frames.
  1. Complete Package Rental (can range from $15,000 to $25,000)
  • Pole or Frames – depending on the type of wedding tent you will be renting.
  • Flooring or Carpeting – will depend on the space allocated for the whole wedding/birthday party.
  • Lights and Sounds – different styles for lighting can be selected and sound systems will be provided for the event.
  • Tables, Chairs, and Tableware – these will be provided with the package, tailor fit to the motif presented.
  • Manpower – services from people who will organize and manage the physical components of the event.

Other Costs to Consider

In setting up your outdoor event, you would need to consider the weather forecast for the day or week. This can create conflict because the slightest change to the weather may affect the lighting or temperature in the wedding tent.

Tables, chairs, linings, and stages are additional costs that you would like to consider. It’s better to stick to one service provider rather than to purchase or rent them separately.

Aside from the wedding tent, you will also be incurring extra fees for sidewalls and flooring if you choose to have them added.

Delivery and setup may also cause additional fees as manpower has to be provided for the setup. Manpower will be used from start up until the end when they would need to uninstall it after your event.

tent rented

Buying Tips

Renting tents for elegant functions may cost up to $10,000 considering all of the items you need to complete the task. It would be helpful if you know dealers that can provide packages with enormous discounts or find rental companies who can give manpower services for less.

You can also try a do-it-yourself tent event. The great thing about purchasing your own materials would be the thought of not having to rent for any other event in the future. You might also get the idea of starting your own rental business.

There are many dealers such as 4 a grand event that caters to all sizes. If your party is in the convenience of your backyard, then you may want to check backyard tent rental for a more affordable quotation.

Factors Affecting The Rate For Renting Tents

These are major factors for renting tents:

  1. The number of guests – a confirmed headcount is the first thing you need to establish. Remember that the larger amount of confirmed attendees mean the bigger the size of the tent needed.
  2. Time of the event – another considerable factor is the time of the scheduled event. If the event happens during the morning or afternoon, air conditioning units must be added to avoid too much heat inside the tent. If the wedding is to happen in the evening, lights and heaters are the two most important items for the whole tent.
  3. Occassion – different occassions harbor different themes which affect the cost of renting. Some occassions can have simple themes while others have strict elegant themes.
  4. Motif – Wedding tent rental prices can also be affected by the style or motif. Companies provide more expensive prices for tent rentals when it comes to elegant styles and themes. Stick to a simple yet memorable theme to get the most out of the rent.
  5. Location – the area or venue of your location may be in a city with weather fluctuations. Keep watch on the weather forecasts for the month to be able to see if the event can be managed under different conditions. Your city or town should also be considered since the cost of living can greatly affect business and pricing.

What Else You Need to Know

There are many dealers that cater from city to city. Venues for rent may also have options for tent renting in their vicinity. This can cut down the expense because basically, they have all the items you need and there would be no need for special delivery. Talk about time savers!

Now that you have all this information, you’ll definitely be able to host the event of a lifetime!