How Much Do Tamko Shingles Cost?

Do you want to have beautiful roof shingles? Do you want to be protected and properly covered by warranties? You can have both with Tamko shingles.

Shingles are commonly used roofing covers because they aren’t too expensive and they’re fairly easy to install. Tamko is synonymous with quality shingles. They are popular due to their performance and protection.

Tamko offers one of the best warranties in the industry regardless of application, whether residential or commercial.

So, what are you waiting for? Replace your old and worn-out roofing with Tamko Shingles.

Tamko Shingles Average Cost

The average Tamko shingles price per bundle is from $24.75 to $50.13. The following are actual data from dealers.

According to Tamko Building Products, the estimated shingle and labor costs for the average roof is $8,680.


The quotations from the Superior Building Supply and the Drexel Building Supply cover only the Tamko heritage shingles prices. The shingles are available either for pick-up or delivery. Drexel Building Supply’s quotation includes free delivery.

The computation of Tamko Building Products includes costs for the shingles as well as that of the labor for installing the shingles. The following costs were used in the computation:

  • Shingle per square – $98 per square (3 bundles in a square).
  • Labor rate – $150 per square.
  • Number of Squares – 35.

The actual cost of the shingles may vary as well as the of labor rate for installation.

Other Costs to Consider

  • Permits Roofing codes and ordinances vary per locality. Contact your local Planning Department to know the procedures and fees to obtain a permit. For instance, in City of Winter Garden, Florida, the roofing permit fee is $30.
  • Code Requirements – Codes from local, regional and state authorities may differ, and this will cause the requirements and the shingles installation or replacement rates to differ too.
  • Inspection Cost – Inspection is important to know if the roofing is sound. It is usually done seasonally or after a storm or bad weather. A comprehensive inspection cost is from $100 to $300.
  • Removing Old Shingles The cost to remove the old shingle from the roof is between $1,000 and $3,000. Is it too expensive for you? The Family Handyman shows you how to DIY the removal of the old shingles so that you can save on the cost.
  • Disposing of Old Shingles Prepare to pay from $93.75 to $150 per ton to hire a dumpster to dispose of the old shingles from your roofing properly. The load can be delivered to a landfill or a shingle recycling center.
  • Other Materials When shingles are to be replaced, a new underlayment, the roof felt, must be placed as this may have been already damaged by wear and tear. Roof felt costs $138.09 each 10 sq. roll measuring 52” x 231’ and weighing 28 lb/roll. The roof felt has a 25-year warranty
Tamko Shingles costs

Buying Tips

Tamko’s website can help you locate a dealer nearest your location. With the various options for materials, colors, and cuts available, it is better to browse through available specifications as well as catalogs of homes with Tamko shingles. You may be able to find your inspiration there.

The website can also assist you in finding a Tamko Pro. A Tamko Pro is an installer of Tamko shingles. Though the company does not endorse any particular roofing contractor and leaves the discretion to hiring one to the homeowner, it is better to hire one with specialized knowledge on installing Tamko shingles.

To fully benefit from the various benefits that the Tamko shingles offer, you should find a reputable roofing contractor that is trustworthy and with many years of experience in installing Tamko shingles. Better find a contractor that:

  • Has a roofing license.
  • Is covered by insurance.
  • Can provide roofing warranties.

It is important that proper installation of the shingles be done as improper installation voids the warranty coverage.

The cost of installation will depend not only on the size of the roof but also on the complexity of the roof, slope, and walkability, among others.

Tamko Shingles Cost Factors

  • Materials – Tamko manufactures two types of shingles, asphalt shingles, and steel shingles.
  • Cut – Tamko has 3 types of cuts for added dimension to the roof. The cuts are named the Heritage, MetalWorks and Elite Glass. The type of cut is a factor in the cost of the shingles.
  • Color – You can choose from a full palette of vibrant colors. The company also sells shades and blends which they are only available from them. A different color may cause the price to vary.
  • Coverage – Tamko offers a limited warranty of 25-year, 30-year and 50-year with full start protection period of 5, 15 and 20 years, respectively. Also, offered are limited warranty against damage from winds up to 110 mph for 15 years, algae relief for 10 years, and algae cleaning limited warranty. The different coverages cause the difference in shingles’ prices.
  • Size of the Roof The bigger the roof, the higher the materials and labor charges. 
  • Location – Certain localities charge more to get the necessary permits for the replacement of the roof. Different localities may also cause the difference in labor charges. 
  • Contractor – Experienced roofing contractors may charge more to install the shingles because of their expertise in the field.

What Else You Need to Know

In the installation of the Tamko shingles, make sure your roofing contractor uses Tamko Plastic Roof Cement. This product is used as a waterproofing medium.

Tamko shingles are known for their style and versatility. The company’s craftsmanship is also without question. It is the reason why Tamko has been synonymous with quality shingles.

A beautiful roof adds considerable value to the home, and with Tamko shingle’s protection and longevity, the investment is well-worth.

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