How Much Does it Cost to Build a Garage?

Homeowners that want extra space for tools and security for their vehicles, a garage is a sound investment to add. A vehicle is more secure inside a garage against external factors such as physical damage, theft, and environmental damages. But there are many components involved that can affect how much to build a garage and require a lot of time.

There are two types of the garage, attached or detached. An attached garage is connected to the existing house and cheaper in regards to the construction cost. Meanwhile, detached garage is like starting up a new house and requires a foundation. Therefore, it is more expensive and needs sufficient space.

Garage Average Cost

There are many components involved in the cost of building a garage.

The average cost to build a new garage is around $7,839 to $54,995 depending on the type of material and garage size. But the average cost per square feet is around $48 to $55 for a garage. Therefore, you can have an estimated cost of the garage based on the size. The standard garage sizes are 12×24′, 14×28′, 20×20′ and 24×24′.

Based on the Average Cost per Square Feet
Standard Size$48 per SF$55 per SF

Note: The costs indicated above are estimates and may vary depending on the specification

As a cost basis, Bonfire Building Corporation has provided project portfolio with costs. The cost to build a new garage is around $7.839 to $36,119 under Bonfire Building Corporation.

Project NamePriceProject NamePrice
Standard$7,839 to $23,34524×24 brick$18,845
24×24 ‘ with Attic$19,03520×24′ brick and stucco with attic$19,985
30×40′$27,35912×24 attached with single bay$18,419
24×30′ with patio$24,52524×30 with timber patio and attic$44,679
24×24′ attached with breezeway$20,92520×30′ Rock and Stucco$18,845
24×24′ Hip Roof with Rock and Stucco$21,26924×36′ two story with dormers$36,119

General contractors like Settlers West Home Builder and Shed World have also provided estimated project cost based on their portfolio. SWH Builder has an estimated price for garage construction starting at $12,990 to $34,600 for 16’x20′ to 30’x40′ garage sizes.

Meanwhile, Shed World has an estimated construction cost of $12,995 to $54,995 for 16×24′ to 30×60′ sizes. But for a detailed project cost based on your specifications, make sure to consult a licensed general contractor.


If you are planning to hire a contractor or to perform DIY to build your garage, the inclusions are still the same. The cost of building a garage includes the permit acquisition, hiring professionals, and construction. Contractors include all the components and its respective fees in the proposal.

Other Costs to Consider

  • Permit Acquisition

A building permit is mandatory as compliance with the local building code and state law. The building engineer department regulates the standard for materials and construction. It is to ensure strict compliance with structural integrity and construction safety. The cost to acquire permit varies from every state. Therefore, it is mandatory to consult your local building engineer department to determine the requirements, standards, and fees.

  • Professional Fees

Regardless if you plan to hire a contractor or DIY, you will still need to hire professionals that can design your garage in compliance with the building code. The professionals like architects and engineers can produce the necessary documents to acquire a building permit. The documents should be signed and sealed by the professionals. The documents are the design report, calculation, quantity take-off, and construction plans.

The set of the plan required by the building engineer office are architectural, structural, plumbing, sanitary, fire protection, and electro-mechanical plans. Each set has respective professionals that can produce the duly signed documents. The professional fees can be charged either at a fixed rate or a percentage of the total construction cost. Contractors include the professional fees in their proposal.

Buying Tips

Make sure to consult the local building engineer department in regards to standards, structural code, and prerequisite documents. If you are planning to hire a contractor, make sure the contractor is licensed and has insurance to protect your investment. You can use the Cost to Build‘s website to have an estimated construction cost depending on your desired specification as a reference.

Meanwhile, you can use the marketplace of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America to contact a general contractor with good credentials.

Even though contractors are expensive to hire, they have the expertise and resources to erect your desired structure. It is safer to hire a contractor regardless how much to build a garage under them. The contractor’s insurance covers property damage or any injuries caused by the construction which safeguard you and the surrounding properties.

Most of the contractors take care of everything which lessens the hassle of the erecting a garage. They have engineers and architects that can produce the necessary documents for permit acquisition. They also have the sufficient labor and equipment to finish the construction at a faster phase while following safety protocols.

Cost to Build a Garage

Garage Cost Factors

  • Size

The major factor that affects the overall construction cost is the size or area of the garage. The larger the size of the garage, the larger the labor and materials needed to finish the project. The total area depends on vertically and horizontally extent of the structure. The recommended size of the garage is when there is sufficient space for opening the car’s door and workable space without too much limitation.

  • Complex of Design

Even though, garages do not require too much exterior or interior detail. But the design still depends on your preferred style. The size and type of garage door can also add hundreds of dollar especially for remote controlled like the door openers. The number and size of the openings can yield cost for windows and fit-outs.

Heating and ventilation should be considered during the design phase since it involves electro-mechanical components. Utilizing the upper story as an additional room or an attic will increase the material needed and labor. Also, the roofing materials can increase the overall cost of the project. The plain slab is cheaper in comparison to roof trusses because of the materials involved.

  • Type of Materials

The materials involved in the construction can directly affect the project cost. It depends on the design and amount required to complete the project. The common materials used are lumber, reinforced concrete, and steel. Steel is the most expensive structural component while lumber is cheaper depending on the resources in the area.

  • Labor

Special laborers like carpenter and welder are expensive to hire and difficult to find in comparison to a common laborer. The special laborers are cost efficient since they can finish certain tasks faster without sacrificing quality.

What Else You Need to Know

In the construction industry, it is ideal to follow the planned schedule for every task. But in actuality, problems can arise which can delay the project significantly. There are many forms of delay such as the insufficient supply of the materials, rains, storms, accident and other uncontrolled factors that will stop the construction phase.

It is why contractors usually include a contingency in their proposal. The contingency fund is allocated to fix the problem. But there will also case that the project won’t finish on time especially for natural disasters. The contractor can mitigate the delay by hiring additional labor and working overtime.

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